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by | Dec 3, 2015 | Insights, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design

88% of smartphone users are using Google to find local businesses according to a study conducted by Think with Google. We at, a local SEO Company in Austin, feel it is important to make sure that that websites are fully mobile ready for clients searching by tablet and smartphone. We’ve all had to times where we want to get info on a business before we get in our car and head that way. Whether it was running errands around town, or just looking up a good place to eat that’s nearby.  We’re using our phones to find information about local businesses with local search.


Effectiveness of Local Search vs. Yellow Pages for Small Businesses

With the amount of consumers that have access to mobile devices, the yellow pages are out and phones are the easiest and quickest way to gain access to local information. (We actually did an office study to see how many of us had even see the yellow pages in the past 5 years–well, let’s just say we wouldn’t buy their stock)  According to a Google study 84% of people use search engines on their computer or tablet, and as mentioned earlier 88% of all smart phone users are performing local searches.  As a leading SEO Company in Austin, we realize that local searches happen everywhere; and perhaps more importantly, people respond better to ads on their phones if they are based on their location.


Local Search is About Getting Information to Potential Customers ASAP

Most people who are searching locally on their smartphone are looking for an address, directions, or even a phone number specifically with a link to click-to-call. According to research study done by google on local searches, 34% of consumers that sought info on their computer or tablet made their way to a store. The number of people increase to 50% when people search using smartphones. So what can you do as a businesses to benefit from local searches? Like a lot of SEO companies in Austin we have developed strategies to help local small businesses like yours to increase its visibility on local search engine results.

Brandon is the owner of a leading SEO company in Austin, Texas, focusing on driving customers to Small Businesses all over the country through the effective use of Content, Social Media and Optimization.

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