How to Increase my Site Speed | Part 1 of the Anatomy of Great Websites

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Insights, Search Engine Optimization

How does Site Speed affect my website?

We’ve all experienced waiting in line whether it be at the grocery store, the bank, or your favorite fast food place. Eventually we get bored or even a little frustrated when we feel that it is taking too long. This theory can also be applied to websites.  Just like waiting in line at the store, if a web page takes too long, we’re out of there looking for another site that is quicker. So why is the speed of a website so important?  Also what can be done to make a website load more quickly?  As a local SEO company, Top of Google Search understands that poor search engine results and sluggish web page load can really affect the outcome of a website.    Here are some tips and info to learn what you can do to give your website a boost.

Improving user experience by increasing Site Speed

It should make sense. How many times have you left a website because you felt that it was taking too long to load? It may seem like a small thing, however a lot of local SEO companies such as Top of Google Search are taking the time to learn and improve problems like these, and the results have been significant. To understand loading time and it’s importance here are some interesting facts. According to a study by Radware, 51% of online shoppers say if a site is too slow they will not complete a purchase. Research has also found  47% of users expect a website to load in under two seconds.  Not only does a fast website make a visitor more satisfied it is also good for business. A study done by Strange Loop states that just a one second delay can cost you 7% percent of your sales. It all  comes down to speed. A slow site brings fewer visitors, and can actually cost you potential sales.

Ways to Improve Site Speed

There are a few ways the speed of a website can be improved. One way is GZIP Compression. GZip Compression allows your web server to provide smaller files sizes which then will load faster for website users. This also will save you around fifty to seventy percent of your file size. Another trick used is minification. Minification removes unnecessary characters from a file to reduce its size causing much shorter load times. The last option is image optimization. Images are a great way to capture a user’s attention. Unfortunately, every image added to a page will be downloaded by visitors from your server to their computer. If we chose not to compress these, It would increase page loading times and frustrates users. The last option is making images into thumbnails. WordPress has a feature that will automatically create three different sizes of any image that you upload. You can then adjust them any way you would like. This is great if you have a website that requires a lot of pictures such an online store.

If visits to your website have slowly gone down over time speed could be a cause. There are some great tool available which will help you find ways to increase the speed of your site. Google offers a tool called the PageSpeed Insights that has speed insights which allows you to put in your domain name and in return will tell you how fast your website is running and ways you can improve it. It may take a little time to figure out the right options, but it is well worth it in the end.

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