Three Ways That Using Local SEO Can Boost Your Sales and Profitability

by | May 2, 2016 | Insights, Search Engine Optimization

When you need to boost the number of visitors to your website, local SEO is one of the most effective methods to use. Your local SEO company can use geographic words along with relevant keywords and key phrases that will help potential customers to find you when they conduct an organic search. The local SEO not only helps customers to find you faster, but it increases the chances of people making a purchase of your products or services.

Establishing a Local Business Account

Part of a good local SEO strategy is to develop a Google Places account, a Yahoo Business account and a listing on Bing as well as on the other major search engines. This page will help you to claim a profile with Google and will show your company’s address, phone number, social media pages, hours and other pertinent information. This indexing is what helps people on mobile and traditional platforms to find your business quickly.


Increase Citations

Search engines such as Google use citations when indexing businesses within particular areas. Using your neighborhood or city name plus keywords and your business name helps to ensure that your business is included in the citations. Using your neighborhood name, city name or nickname of your location combined with related keywords, such as “Clintonville ice cream store” and “north Columbus ice cream store” can help people to find you more quickly.

Make sure that the Austin SEO company you choose to work with, such as Top of Google, uses the same styling and abbreviations, as this will help to further increase your citation and search ranking. For example, if the word “street” is spelled out once, it should always be spelled out, rather than entered as “St.”

Moving Highly Visited Pages Up in Your Site Structure

Another important part of using local SEO for your website is to move the most highly visited pages up in your site’s structure. This type of indexing would move a page with a key phrase such as “ice cream shop 43214” to the top of your site’s domain index. Doing this type of indexing for your website helps to enhance conversions without needing to do any more additional work.

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