4 ways Clients Can Have a Better Relationship with their P.P.C Agencies

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The excitement is real and you are ready for the next steps. Why? You feel you’ve have picked the best out of all your PPC agencies choices, the one that will take your PPC accounts to a higher level. How do you make sure you get the most out of the network of people you are starting with? You can be assured you are doing everything you’re capable of to be a good client, by following these 4 tips.


1) You need focused objectives

When beginning with an agency,whether the goal is to lower CPA or more precisely have a CPA less than $10.00, it’s  crucial to know what you want. goals whether made or brought in need to be clear and to the point. Your agency will need to know what the margin of attainment to the goal is sufficient, and the most important KPI to you. The objective can be revisited, but the expectation should always be clear.


2) Be attentive to request

Even if you need time to talk it over with someone else on your team, a fast response will go a long way. Being responsive to these requests is important to making things move quicker in the process, as well as getting rid of annoyance on the part of your account manager.The less time spent wondering why an answer hasn’t come or when it will come is a great thing.


3) Give Feedback

Giving feedback when asked or when you feel it is necessary is important for a healthy client-agency relationship. Some companies ask for feedback from clients on a monthly basis.Honest feedback helps reveal the issue and let’s the account manager put together a plan to move forward. All clients are different and without straightforward, honest communication and feedback teamwork can deteriorate.


4) View Your Agency As an Ally

A relationship full of conflict does nothing for the work that will be made, and it will make for a disagreeable situation for everyone.You should see your PPC agencies as your ally! The agency isn’t there to frustrate you or purposefully  provide poor results. They are there as an extension of your internal marketing department and should be treated well. Whether it is, responsiveness, communication or performance, we all know if a client isn’t content with any aspect of the relationship they may not stick around long.  Knowing we are all in it together can go a long way to help make a successful client-agency relationship.


Picking and starting with an agency is an exciting time. Getting the best out of that relationship can go far in advancing your business forward.Following the 4 steps outlined above will put you on the right path to being a good client and will help your endeavor be a successful one.


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