Twitter’s Automated Ad Service is in Beta and only $99 per month

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Twitter is facing some intense pressure to redevelop their platform and provide a revenue stream, now more than ever after their latest earnings report which showed a decline in revenue and total users.  While it has never truly found a lasting niche, Twitter is looking to ad new continual revenue sources.

The latest is novel concept used to challenge the traditional online advertising model.  For just $99 a month, Twitter will auto promote your tweet or campaign to the audiences you target. I imagine that this will allow more small business, who have been turned off by the price or complexity of social media advertising, to consider it again.  Instead of having to create a specific ads campaign, Twitter will auto target your campaign for you based off of your chosen criteria.  Admittedly, their initial offerings for ad choices are slim.

Should we be worried Twitter is going away?  

While the Twitter user base has seen an unexpected drop, one symptom of this may be a more focused user base.  Most of the people on twitter use it to digest a lot of information about their chosen topics quickly and in short bits.  This evolving micro-niche may worry potential investors because of a lack of broad appeal, but for advertisers it is opening up a world of people hyper focused on specific content.  As seen with Facebook, this increase in user engagement had a positive effect on their overall user base and active users.

Who is on Twitter these days?

Much like a model taken by ESPN as they launched their television network, Twitter is focusing on niche’s that haven’t seen coverage or popularity by other platforms.  Doing it properly and not alienating the market is allowing Twitter to have loyal, engaged communities driving content.  Whether it’s politics, or less popular sports such as lacrosse, the user communities are engaged and responding to advertisements.

Twitter is looking to innovate and more importantly, generate revenue.

Whether Twitter stays public, or ends up returning to be a privately held company to avoid scrutiny, it has enough money in its reserves to be around for decades.  It’s going to be around for a while and this is just another attempt at the company attempting to find it’s revenue generating potential.

If you’re looking for advice on how to capture this social media marketing tool or for tips on how to sign up for the beta, write us a comment below or send us an email!

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