Where do I start with Social Media?

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People have told you need to get your business on social media, but how do you do that?  Should you choose Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest?  Do I post a lot, or just a little?  Do I need to pay money to boost posts or let the posts do their own thing?  Even for people comfortable with social media, it can be intimidating when trying to establish their business’ brand online.

First: Pick One.

Let’s pick one platform to dominate.  Yes, only one platform.  You can always go back and start working on developing your online reputation later.  If you’re limited by time and resources (aren’t we all?), why spread yourself thin?  Pick one.  Dominate.  Move to the next.  I personally recommend Facebook for most initial social media initiates. Unless you have a boutique establishment aimed at 20 & 30 somethings, Facebook is the path you want to take if you’re just starting out online.

Second: Dominate.

Ok, so we have a Facebook page up, with great graphics, accurate information about your business and you’ve made a post!  Now what?  Start getting your customers to check-in with Facebook.  Offer a monthly giveaway for everyone who checks in.  Encourage your friends family and customers to like your page and share your content!  Go “live” every now and then (it’s not as intimidating as it sounds!)

What if I don’t have time for Social Media?

I understand, your time is spent maintaining your business.  You go home and you need to take care of your family or just relax and turn it off.  I’ve been there. Many times.  First reexamine your day, make sure you don’t have a few spare minutes a day to reinvest into your business.  Do you have an employee you can trust with your brand?  If you have a few minutes a day then at a bare minimum get on Google!  there is a wonderful service by Google called, “Google my Business” (Clever name, huh?) As Google is heading to a mobile first algorithm, you HAVE to be on Google and be optimized for local searches.  Google my Business is the easiest and fastest way to do this.  Enter your information, add some pictures and pick a business category.  It’s that easy and gets your business online today!  After that’s done, find a social media marketing company, like TopofSear.ch, to handle your online community!

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