7 Things You Should Look for When Hiring an SEO Expert

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Whether you are running a large or a small business and your business is dependent on web traffic for marketing and sales, then you need SEO expert to help you in its maximization. Your business website may look great with numerous sizzles, but if it is not performing its intended purpose which is constantly attracting traffic to your products, it is a sign that it is not optimized.

Before hiring SEO expert or consultant, it is essential that you consider the following aspects to ensure that they are the right ones.

Ask them how they will help improve your search engine ranking

To get excellent and positive results, you need to have the right plan. If you decide to go with content and link building or you want to focus on keywords, ensure that it is done right. Otherwise, you will never see a continuous rise in traffic to your site. Ask the expert straight up on the exact plan that they intend to use to improve your ranking. They should be able to give you a detailed outline of their plan right away. For example, it could be something like:

  • We will do a proper review and audit of your site to get the baseline of its current status
  • We are then going to identify the best keywords to target depending on your products and your target audience
  • We will then rewrite your content based on the selected keywords
  • We will come up with a strategy for building links.

Ask them about the links as they make a big impact on the search engine algorithms. The links are built differently, and a link should not be made just for the sake of it. Different backlinks bring different results depending on their quality. Make sure that their link building strategy is trustworthy.

How are they going to keep you informed about the progress?

This is one big aspect that separates good and certified SEO experts from shady firms. A good SEO expert will keep you updated and informed by showing you the reports of what they have been doing and the impact they are making. They will make it easy for you to understand and explain the complex areas showing you how they impact the bottom line. They should provide the reports regularly which could be monthly or as agreed in the contract. If they do not ask for any changes that need to be made, they are not trustworthy. Also if the SEO consultants claim that they track the changes internally, that is another red flag. Let them show you the clear changes they have made to improve your search engine ranking which may include:

  • A list of the backlinks that they have built
  • The selected keywords and their current ranking
  • The edited content which includes the title, Meta description, body and conclusion
  • Any ideas they have for improvement
  • A report on the progress and traffic changes

Do they follow Google’s best practice?

It is advisable for you to deal with SEO consultant who strictly follows the best practices as posted by Google. This is to ensure that they do not violate the rules and the practices prohibited under these practices which include generation of spammy content and use of fake links. If they fail to follow the indicated practices, they could worsen your site’s state as Google could ban it from search results or get much lower rankings.

What tools do they use?

Knowing the exact tools that the firm use is not the important part but knowing why they choose to use those tools is crucial. Legitimate experts will have various tools they use for performing audits and other tasks, and they probably texted multiple of them before they settled on the best. Let them explain:

  • The type of tools they use for doing keyword research
  • The tools they use for monitoring ranking
  • The kind of crawler they use
  • The tools used for monitoring backlinks
  • The tools used for competitor analysis and let them explain why they choose to use them.

They should explain why their tools are the most preferable and the impact they will make if well utilized.

Can they guarantee that your site will rank #1 for a major search team?

This is the best way to know if the SEO consultants are legitimate. They should be able to guarantee a #1 ranking after their services. However, due to some reasons, it may be hard for them to guarantee #1 ranking each time since:

  • No SEO experts know Google’s exact algorithm
  • No one knows how the algorithm may change with time
  • There could be unexpected penalties that at times could be hard to evade

This means that although the consultants’ help may be able to improve your ranking by the search engines, they cannot give a guarantee on the particular or exact keyword rankings.

How will their work tie in your other marketing efforts?

SEO and marketing should work as one seamless system. At least that is the objective even if it does not always turn out that way. This is because most of the SEO firms have branded themselves as inbound or digital marketing specialists. For this reason, when looking for SEO expert do not ignore the firms that have rebranded themselves as digital marketing specialists since they are still SEO specialists and can offer even more valuable services.

How will their team adapt to their strategy to your industry

Most small business owners are hesitant when it comes to this type of investment as they feel like it is beyond what they can afford. Moreover, they are not sure if it will bring positive results. They are not entirely wrong as some plans may not work well for some business. This way, a good consultant should know of a way to come up with SEO plan that suits every kind of business.

It may take a while like a month before you start experiencing the results of hiring a good SEO expert. The time taken depends on the legitimacy of the firm that you choose. Asking the questions above will save you the trouble of hiring a shady SEO firm.

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