Increasing Automotive Sales with Facebook Advertising

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Digital Marketing, Insights, Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media | 0 comments

1.  Influences wider audiences.

We are now in a digital era where having a Facebook account is as important as having a mobile phone. Facebook has approximately 180 million users logging into the site every day. When you place your advertisement on Facebook, it is more likely that your Facebook advertisements will be viewed by a large number of visitors. Also, users are becoming more bored with typical, traditional advertisements as they seem to invade their privacy. Facebook ads are not intrusive as they mingle with the flow of conversations and have a substantial influence.

2.  Increases traffic on your landing page.

The efficiency of target-based advertising has long been realized by many businesses. It is much easier to promote your automotive business to your customer base through a vast number of options such as marketplaces, forums, and groups on Facebook. Such targeted online advertisements are more likely to increase click-through rates of your ads, from potential consumers. Thus, Facebook advertising on automotive Facebook groups will improve your landing page traffic, and more likely to convert the traffic into leads.

3.  Builds good reputation.

More consumers are now turning to social networking sites like Facebook for advice on purchasing their cars. There are many trustworthy and reliable automotive Facebook groups which have already built their reputation by helping many such people seeking advice. These conversations are re-visited and referred by many other customers who require similar information. When you place your advertisements among these conversations, chances are more likely that you can build a good brand reputation out of the Facebook advertisements.

4.  Highly interactive.

Interactive advertising has become one of businesses favorite online advertising techniques today. The best option available for interactive online advertising is Facebook advertising. Unlike advertising through traditional media, advertising on Facebook enables auto dealers to interact with their customers directly. Facebook allows two-way communication between you and your customers. Getting and giving feedback or answering queries related to cars from customers will be communicated instantly. However, it is not likely that the feedback is always positive. But responding appropriately and swiftly even to negative feedback will prove you more reliable automotive business in the market.

If you are still struggling to get enough returns on investments out of your advertising as an auto dealer, the problem might be with the advertising platform you are investing in. It is the right time to move to Facebook advertising to promote your automotive dealership.

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