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How Dealers Typically Handle Online Advertising:

We’ve all gotten sales pitches from the major players claiming they’re the only way to get quality leads.  However, when you’re competing against 4 other dealers (or more!) for the same leads what are you really paying for?  Then when you go to question their performance they somehow convince you to spend more money with them!  Now you’re getting more leads, but your cost per lead has increased as well.  Aren’t you ready for a solution that makes sense?


How We’re Revolutionizing Automotive Marketing:

At Top of Search, we’re bringing the latest in digital marketing technology to the automotive industry.  We live and breathe automotive.  We know what it feels like when a brand new model first gets delivered and what it means to demolish the month’s sales objective.  We understand the complexities of working in siloed environments of the CRM and DMS systems.  However, we also see the shortcomings in marketing in automotive.  We know how to successfully leverage social media even when your sales managers despise it.  Most importantly, we know how to drive qualified leads.  Learn more about the methods of how we’re revolutionizing automotive marketing below:

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Our Automotive Digital Marketing Services

Facebook Page Management

Not to be confused with buying ads on social media, this service largely is geared around developing and engaging an audience around your brand.  Our social media pros plug into your local community and begin to develop, post and share events and activities throughout your city.

But how does this help you sell cars?

In short, it keeps your page in front of your followers and all of a sudden, you become a hub for your local community that happens to sell cars and as crazy as this sounds it helps to lower your ad cost, too!

Plans Available for:
Franchise Dealers, Independent Dealers, Sales Associates

Online Advertising

Simply put, these are ads you see on conventional search engines such as Google, and Yahoo and even Facebook. PPC ads may be in the form of text, logo or video, and can be embedded on the web page on any of the standard search engines.

When you use a PPC ad, you will be in a good position to direct more traffic to your page and increase potential customers.

At Top of Search, we use the latest in top-secret data science, we specifically target your ads at the people who need to see it… in-market car shoppers.  In addition, we ensure that the ads don’t become stale with continually revamped content and graphics.

Plans Available for:
Franchise Dealers, Independent Dealers, Sales Associates

Reputation Management

Collect real reviews from your customers that drive results. Our mobile platform coupled with DMS integration generates completion rates up to 15x higher than traditional email-based platforms. That means more insight into your business.

No one knows better than you that your business is a reputable, trustworthy operation. Reviews on various review sites can help let the world know that you’re reliable and a business which they should choose.

Plans Available for:
Franchise Dealers, Independent Dealers, Sales Associates

Conquest Email Targeting

Taking the time to understand a client’s brand and focus is imperative. Other suppliers are quick to sell you the latest media while not thinking about what you need for ROI.

Placing your confidence in us is not taken lightly by our team. Each staff member has a deep passion for the success and return on investment for your business.

Plans Available for:
Franchise Dealers, Independent Dealers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Completely custom content designed specifically for your dealership and optimized for search engines.  Google sees readable and relevant content as the nexus for developing reliable SEO results.  This coupled with strategies to develop landing pages around strong keywords leads to a powerful organic Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy.

We love knowing that you know what we’re up to.  This is why we put annotations in Google Analytics so you know through their powerful reports what we’re up to and how we’re performing.

We increase organic traffic to your site by improving your site’s overall health and presence in search results.

Plans Available for:
Franchise Dealers, Independent Dealers

Local Directory Optimization

Plans Available for:
Franchise Dealers, Independent Dealers