Automotive Sales Engine
for Facebook


Dynamic Ads

We automatically build ads for every user which get more specific each time the user visits the website!


We provide you with a true ROI by running your monthly sales log against our ad system to see who bought and why!

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How is The Automotive Sales Engine for Facebook Different?

Dominate Your Market

Automatically deliver your used car inventory to in-market shoppers on Facebook!

A Learning Platform

Our platform learns what vehicles users are interested in and serves them ads on only those vehicles!

The Freshest Inventory

We automatically adjust your used car inventory on Facebook using your live inventory feed!

“People spend more than 50 minutes a day on Facebook”


Increase in Facebook Impressions


Increase in Website Conversions

A System We’re Proud Of!

Top of Search was founded by Brandon Dunham a marketer from Austin, Texas.  Growing up in the auto industry, it was only natural for his career to migrate to automotive.  Becoming Marketing Director for a Toyota dealership in central Texas, Brandon developed an entire marketing department from scratch, increased monthly impressions on Facebook by 2,500% in six months while making it the second largest lead source by volume.  In addition, within 8 months he led the department to experience a quarter over quarter increase in website conversions of 25.6%.  A large part of his success was through Facebook seeing the potential for the industry, he started his own company and is now bringing these services and his expertise to Used Car dealers across the nation.

Conquest & Retargeting Working Together in Harmony

We use Facebook’s data and your existing sales list to compile a list of Facebook users that are likely to purchase from your dealership in the future.  Using this list, we then target ads based off of vehicle type and more to get them to your site and directly to a VDP.   Now one of two things is going to happen, they’re going to submit a lead or they’re going to look at other vehicles.  We track this behavior and learn what your customer is searching for and adapt their specific ad set to try and get them to your site again.  We do this over and over, getting more detailed each time, until they finally convert and submit a lead!

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