Basic SEO Services

Basic SEO services are perfect for people looking for a well rounded Search Engine Optimization strategy.  With content creation being a primary focus, we’re busy building your website a foundation that will last!

Personalized Keyword Research

All of our Basic SEO Services plans come with personalized keyword research.  we look at your location, competition and opportunities when developing a strategy.

Initial Optimization & Repair

During your first month of the Basic SEO Services plan, we identify the deficiencies in your website. Then we repair and optimize your website to perform at its best!


Content Creation & Distribution

Content creation is the key to having prolonged success online.  This is why even our entry level Basic SEO Services includes keyword optimized content services!

Monthly Reports & Audits

SEO companies can seem like they’re selling snake oil, so we’re here to change that. All of our Basic SEO Services come standard with quarterly and monthly reports & audits!

Automotive Internet Marketing

It is no secret that going digital is the only option to survive and keep up with your competition. Adapting a digital marketing strategy helps to push your product even further. It is because of this development that the automotive industry has embraced the digital marketing tools. Some of these powerful tools in driving sales include:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM works by increasing a product’s visibility on the various search engines such as Google, therefore, increasing the chances of reaching many of your clients efficiently. The automotive industry can benefit from this tool; many online users may become potential customers if they get the right information through when you enhance your market visibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A SEO is used to make your website more search engine friendly, and hence your site is likely to pop up when clients search for a word that is relevant to your page. In other words, it will help your website to rank better than it could have ranked without SEO. This tool helps bring in many people who will view your profile because the search engine brings it up easily. More traffic to your site will translate to more sales for your automotive business.

Therefore the automotive industry can quickly increase their client base if their website is designed to obtain a natural organic position.

Pay per click (PPC)

These are simply ads on the conventional search engines such as Google, and Yahoo and Facebook pages. They are usually in the top right corner of the search page.

PPC ads may be in the form of text, logo or video, and can be embedded on the web page on any of the standard search engines.

When you use a PPC ad, you will be in a good position to direct more traffic to your page hence increase potential customers. However, with so much competition, use of Ad words is becoming more competitiveness, and expensive hence may fail to meet the return on investment

The use of PPC can enhance your automotive dealership significantly especially if you target the advert to a particular group of people. It is also important to note that creativity is essential when you want to stay clear of competition.

PPC is measured by:

Cost per click (CPC) is counted by the number of times a person clicks on an ad. The more the competitive nature of the business the higher the price.

Cost per Conversion: this is the amount of cash in terms of clicks that translate to actual sales.

Just like any other marketing tool, if you want to use digital marketing tools, here are a few considerations to make

Before picking any tool, ensure that it is right for the business at hand, for instance in the case of automotive marketing it is important to establish whether to use SEM, SEO or if PPC will do the job. It is not advisable to take on all of them but instead focus on one that is likely to yield results.

You also must consider the cost versus the return on investment. It will be tragic to spend so much on advertising and end up diminishing your profits.

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