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Dynamic Ads

We automatically build ads for every user which get more specific each time the user visits the website!


We provide you with a true ROI by running your monthly sales log against our ad system to see who bought and why!

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Pay Per Click Conversions

We will be able to see what type of settings attract the most interactive and eager readers.

Pay Per Click Scheduling

We can schedule your new PPC campaign to launch at the opportune time.

Pay Per Click Geo-Targeting

Now you’ll be able to focus your attention on a campaign that is hyper focused on relevant readers.

Pay Per Click ads for Mobile

Our ads are compliant with the fluid design of most smartphones and tablets allowing for higher capture rates.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services

Pay per click advertising – or PPC – is a type of advertising where interested users click on your ads, with the user accessing your website through it. Since the traffic from our PPC campaigns are targetted, it is a powerful way of connecting with relevant users that will be eager to interact and purchase from your website. We will collaborate to create targeted ads that will be cognizant of your target market’s specific location, language, and even device. Once they click on an ad, they will be directed to your designated landing page, where you will be able to court online readers and convert leads to potential customers.

Pay per Click Unique Features

Many people who have invested in online advertising tend to overlook PPC, as they may think that PPC is confusing to maneuver and expensive to use. However, our PPC campaigns are a useful method of gaining new readers, subscribers, leads, and buyers. Some of the features that are included in our PPC operations include:

Conversion tracking. You will be able to see what type of settings attract the most interactive and eager readers.

Scheduling. You do not need to be live when launching new PPC campaigns – we can schedule a campaign to launch at the opportune time.

Geo-targeting. Not only will you be able to focus your attention on a campaign that is hyper focused on relevant readers, but geo-targeting will circumvent issues that may arise from misplaced ads (like ad legality.)

Devices. In the past couple of years, people have been shopping, investing, and completing large purchases on their mobile devices. Our ads are compliant with the fluid design of most smartphones and tablets.

How does PPC work?

After creating an ad with the specific blueprints that will target a particular demographic, we will then launch your PPC campaign. An ad group will have a specified set of keywords, max CPC bid, quality score, competition level, and ad position. When a user makes a search that is related to your keywords, they will then be able to see your particular ad. If interested, they can then click on your ad and land on your landing page.

Is Pay per Click Advertising Necessary in 2020?

PPC advertising is one of the most efficient ways of driving targeted traffic to your online properties. It is particularly useful for campaigns that rely on direct response, where there needs to be an immediate action by the person visiting your website. Pay per click advertising can also be particularly useful for regulating traffic volumes, especially when a business is about to launch a new service or running a time sensitive campaign. The customizability of PPC campaigns enables you to drive traffic to your site and acquire a customer base much more efficiently than other forms of advertising. When compared to search engine optimization – or SEO– PPC drives direct traffic, generating a return of investment that is a lot more stable and quicker when done correctly.

What Are the Benefits of Pay per Click Advertising?

PPC campaigns give you the opportunity to display your website on the first page of the search engine results page. SEO is still a viable way of receiving traffic, but it may take several months to reap the benefits, especially since search engines are being inundated with content at any given time. PPC initiatives can give you a competitive edge.

Our campaigns are budget-friendly since you will only pay for clicked ads. With other forms of advertising, you pay for the broader reach of a TV or billboard ad. Control over budgeting and scheduling enable you to set a maximum budget for an allotted period of time, making campaigns scalable, flexible and efficient. Every single keyword that triggered your ad will be measured and accounted for, allowing you to data mine keywords with precision.

Outsmart Your Competitors

According to a recent survey, many competitors are leaning heavily on to PPC. This underlines the importance of utilizing PPC campaigns to stay toe to toe with your online competitors. Outside of PPC, online competitors are also projected to heavily invest in website marketing, SEO, and email marketing to reel in customers and readers.

Outsmart your competitors by choosing us. Picking us will liberate you from the task of creating ad groups. Instead of spending time create PPC ad groups, you can use your time to create compelling content and landing pages, or cater to your social media presence. We will collaborate with you, creating ads that are effective and compliant with your particular niche and category, converting online visitors to brand loyalists.